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Mdb Audio

Is a private studio complex with three halls (control room, recording rooms 1 and 2), kitchen with barbecue and private car parking.

The control room and recording rooms are tuned by the acoustic design company Prestige and acoustic products Jocavi.

The areas mentioned above are noted for being very comfortable. Direct access to the rooms is done through the car parking facilitating loading and unloading of equipment.

The interior of the rooms are fully equiped with an LED
color illumination system with intensity and time totally controllable, which may be adjustable to create any desired atmosphere.

The control room has a new next-generation AWS 900 + SE
console(latest software) with two fully automated workstations with the highlights on the Station 1 MAC G5 8 core and PT 11 that comes with SSL madi extreme converters allowing the use of any DAW.

Station 2 mac pro 12 nucleos 32gb sd 1 T box 20 T with UA Thunderbolt octo complete pack and Slate Raven MTi controller .

The room also has the best Outboards that you can find in professionals studios, and can stand out brands like: Manley, Neve, Chandler UA, Elysia, Focusrite, Brent Averill, Universal Audio, Audio Design Recording, Anetelope Audio, Phoenix Audio and many more .

When it comes to monitors/speakers we leave the job for the top stereo system Focal SM9, Focal CMS system Surround 5.1, the typical Yamaha Ns 10 as well as Auratones.

To view full list of equipment, software and plugins, visit our Gear Page.

We have the ability to mix 5.1 Stereo with projection room recording and / or monitoring.

We are prepared to perform any type of audio production services.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and / or visit us anytime.